MMB Info Sessions for Aspiring Midwives

The Midwifery Mentoring & Belonging (MMB) program is committed to mentorship, community building, and fostering meaningful experiences for the greater BIPOC midwifery community in CA (currently, the program is only for students at UCSF (University of California at San Francisco) + California State University Fullerton. MMB promotes structured support along each student's education journey. The quarterly Information Sessions for Aspiring Midwives are one of MMB's offerings to build community.   

What is MMB Info Session for Aspiring Midwives?  

It is an informal sharing and discussion space for aspiring midwives who are in their data gathering phase of potential midwifery schools of interest to apply for in the future. Specifically, for those interested in learning more about student's experiences at UCSF + Cal-State Fullerton midwifery programs. It is a focused space to hear from students and ask questions.   

What will the sessions be like?  

The sessions will take place quarterly for an hour. This space is for aspiring midwives, led by MMB program mentees (midwifery students at UCSF & Cal-State Fullerton). An MMB student panel will discuss a topic of interest identified in advance by BIPOC aspiring midwives and students. All MMB mentees and mentors are welcome to attend. This space is for aspiring midwives by MMB mentees.   

I am interested! How do I sign up to join sessions?  

Please email us at [email protected] if you're interesting in signing up. 










A Day in the Life of a Midwifery Student

Maritza Franqui & Marshawna Sparks; faciliated by co-lead, Asmara Gebre; February 2022



Navigating my Midwifery Education & Motherhood with Art as my Side Hustle

Jordan Smith; faciliated by co-lead, Asmara Gebre; July 2022 


Why Midwifery? & Navigating Life as a Student Midwife

Evelyn Arias & Nicole du Maine; facilitated by Co-Lead, Amber Bell; November 2022


Pearls of Wisdom from Current Nurse-Midwifery Learners

Maya Combs & Pratima Subedee; facilitated by Co-Lead, Asmara Gebre; February 2023


Strategies and Tips from Current Nurse-Midwifery Learners

Danielle Senechalres & Yajaira Paredes; facilitated by Co-Lead, Kim Dau; May 2023


Navigating the Midwifery Learner Journey: Pearls & Tips

Courtney Minor & Bri Skinner; facilitated by Co-Lead, Kim Dau; July 2023


No Path is Linear: My Journey to Midwifery 

LaKendra Cornelius & Nicole Quintana, facilitated by Co-Lead, Amber Bell; November 2023


Pearls From Our Journey: Aspiring to Student Midwife

Kim Lopez & Stephanie Fletes, facilitated by Co-Lead, Kim Dau; February 2024