The Midwifery Mentoring & Belonging (MMB) program is committed to mentorship, community building, and fostering meaningful experiences for midwifery students and mentors focused on the experiences of BIPOC people and communities in California. 

This program promotes structured support along each student's education journey and evaluates their experiences along the way.  We believe continual, intentional mentorship support and targeted professional advice are important for successful midwifery workforce diversification. 

Our mission is to develop meaningful mentorship opportunities for midwifery students throughout their UCSF midwifery education.   

Our vision is to strengthen the Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) midwifery community through the common investment in student academic and individual success. 

Are you interested in reading about all things MMB in the media? Please see here for an article published by UCSF's Science of Caring and here for an article published by CSUF News.  

Funding for the Midwife Mentoring and Belonging Program provided by the Skyline Foundation, California Health Care Foundation, and California Nurse-Midwives Foundation.